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Esthec’s roots go back to 1964. Two people began developing composites that year because they saw a bright future in the replacement of timber, steel and tar.

Some 15 years after the ambitious start of this Dutch company, their composite material was being applied on large and renowned cruise ships. Another 15 years later and half the world’s cruise market wanted nothing but this composite material and 15 years after that, more than 75% of the market is dedicated to it. Hundreds of cruise ships daily navigate the both calm and rough seas with the proven certainty of these indestructible, durable decks.

The success story is far from over. Esthec was founded 45 years later by that same Dutch company. Building on from these tested and successful cruise decks, Esthec is a decking material that ticks all the boxes in the yachting industry for aesthetics and material. Not based on traditional standards, but with a sharp focus on the future.

Choosing Esthec requires a progressive mindset. However, our experience tells us: once crazy about Esthec, always crazy about Esthec. Who is next?