Hans Jansen Staalkabels

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Hans Jansen Staalkabels/Tuigerij has been a leader in the sale and assembly of stainless steel cable networks in the Netherlands for many years now.

The stainless steel cable networks, also named span networks or web networks, are a metal mesh material made of loose stainless steel cables connected to each other with stainless steel terminals. For the production of these stainless steel cable networks, Hans Jansen Staalkabels uses cables and sleeves with the quality of AISI 316/1.4401. The particular construction of the basic material ensures that these stainless steel networks not only are corrosion and heat resistant, but also have a maintenance-free life. Furthermore, the stainless steel cable networks can be fully recycled.

These cable networks suffice experimental to the highest quality and are very lightweight. The nets are available in different mesh sizes (25 to 200mm) with a common cable size of 1- 1,5, 2 or 3mm. The cable thickness and mesh size depend upon the use and performance requirements of the steel cable network.

They produce the stainless steel cable networks in a fully automatic and environmentally friendly manner with a unique, specially designed robot. This robot is able to vary the net mesh sizes. For example; start with mesh size 80mm, up to mesh size 30mm and ending with mesh size 50mm. Thereby artistic forms can be made. This successful product is used for: balustrades, stairs, fences, rotary security and design products and are suitable for application in schools, apartment complexes, homes, bridges and healthcare institution.

Benefits of stainless steel cable nets are:

  • Environmentally friendly production
  • No treatment against corrosion required after production
  • The product will remain maintenance-free
  • After many years of use it is fully recyclable
  • The stainless steel cable nets are incredibly strong
  • A contemporary look for any project.