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Dueco Rock


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- story by Brinkman Baksteencentrum


Dueco Rock ensures a straight, horizontal lineation of the façade and a powerful character. The bricks are produced in blocks, which are broken by machines to create whimsical and indefinable lines that are comparable to stacked natural stone.

Dueco Rock is straight, keeps its shape and has a warm character. The blocks are a perfect match with glass, steel, or other façade components.

Thanks to the innovative perforation and the large dimensions of the stone, you can save up to 55% in comparison to traditional masonry.

Using the brick with open cross-joints makes for a strongly ventilated façade. Thanks to these characteristics, the façade stays dry and despite the coarse surface, pollution does not stand a chance.

Advantages of Dueco Rock:
– Less weight thanks to hollow spaces
– Quick processing of the rocks per square metre
– Construction can be lighter
– Sustainable because of savings on energy, resources and transport costs
– Ecological and recyclable

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