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Etalbond A2


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- story by Creative Cladding bv


Safety regulations are getting stricter, and not without reason. Recent fires have shown that flammable materials bring high safety risks to people and buildings. We all have seen the fires in Dubai where high structures caught fire that propagated at an unbelievable speed. Preventing this to happen, the use of inflammable materials is required by many governments and municipalities. Neglecting these standards mean becoming liable for any damage coming forth from the use of improper materials.

Elval Colour, the makers of Etalbond, have spent time and money to find a solution for aluminum composite panels in fire rating A2. They have succeeded in making a panel that has all benefits of aluminium composite panels, but meets the highest standards possible with composite panels. The special composition of the core contains a high level of minerals. Still the panel is relatively easy to process. Foldability is almost equal to the regular panels with a Polyethylene core.

Etalbond A2 is available in all colours and gloss grades. There is a wide range of standard colours available. Solid colours, metallic, textured coatings and with a print, you can always find a colour that meets your design. It is also possible to produce tailor made colours, based on RAL, NCS, Pantone or even from samples you provide us.

Etalbond A2 is light weight. Panels of 4 mm thickness weigh only 7.9 K/m2. The standard width is 1,250 and 1,500 mm. Widths up to 2,000 mm upon request. The length can go up to 8,000 mm.

Standard thickness is 4 mm. For higher rigidity 6mm can be provided.

The panels can be shaped by routing a groove at the rear. The groove makes it possible to fold the panels and make cassettes. By hydroforming, it is possible to make 3D shaped elements.

The fixing of the panels to the building is easy. You can rivet the panels to the substructure. The visible fixings can contribute to a technical appearance of the façade. Flat panels can also be bonded to the substructure (please check local regulations), having them fixed in an invisible way. For a luxury façade that still is affordable, hook on cassettes are the preferred solution.

In combination with the wide range of colours, the shaping of the panels will enable you to design the façade you have always wanted to build. And now safe and budget friendly.

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