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Technowood Alu-Façade Systems

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Technowood is a unique construction material, developed through intensive R&D efforts, with natural wood lamination over the superior features of GRP and aluminium. With such a combination, the product became the indispensable new age wood product of the basic building-decoration materials.

Technowood has 3 sizes of alu-façade siding systems:

  • Technowood Alu Siding 10 – Visible width is 10 cm.
  • Technowood Alu Siding 15 – Visible width is 15 cm.
  • Technowood Alu Siding 20 – Visible width is 20 cm.

Technowood Alu Siding 10 can only be applied with joint gaps while the other “15” and “20” systems can be applied with or without joint gaps.

Main advantages of Technowood products are:

  • A2 Class Fire Resistance(for aluminum products)
  • High Dimensional Stability
  • Long Lifetime
  • Easy Application
  • Fast Production
  • Less & Easy Maintenance
  • Beautiful Straight Real Wood Look & Touch
  • Ability to produce various color tones and veneer textures
  • No Cracking
  • Insect proof
  • Low VOC, convenient for green building certificates.
  • Recyclable

Besides all these advantages, one of the superior features of Technowood is using 98% less tree ratio in production of its products than solid wood. In this way, it also helps protection of our forests that we’ve been destroying due to fatal fires and over-consumption.

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