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- story by Corestone Floor


In a world in which durability is self-evident and design is becoming increasingly important, EPI has developed a product with the natural look and structure of concrete, and with extremely strong properties: Corestone. It is available in many earth shades, both in a uni colour and in a blend version. Corestone is seamless and easily applicable to floors and walls.

Corestone is a natural design product that is sturdy and blends in with every interior. Whether it is for rooms inside a house, a shop, an office or a showroom: with Corestone anything is possible!

Corestone Vintage Blend has a cloudy surface that shows a blend of colours.

Extremely strong floor and wall finish
Corestone is extremely strong, containing neither cement nor water. It does not shrink, it connects walls and floors seamlessly and is applicable on a variety of substrates (such as tiles). Corestone also has good proportions of compression strength and bending tensile strength, combined with high surface scratch resistance and strongly increased UV stability.

Attractive in the living room and kitchen
Corestone has a stone look with a matt finish and is ideal for use in the home. It is an ideal solution for a robust, extremely strong concrete-look floor with a natural effect.

Waterproof in the bathroom
Corestone is not only beautiful in a living room or kitchen. It shows up especially well on the floors and walls of a bathroom. The stylish concrete look is seamless and can be applied directly on top of tiles. Good antiskid properties render this a safe product. Its waterproof surface makes it easy to maintain.

Luxurious concrete look in the office
More and more businesses are discovering the sturdy Corestone floors. Corestone renders a high-end renovation of offices and showrooms extremely easy. The unique concrete finish has a high degree of comfort, a luxurious look and lasts very long. Moreover, Corestone combines well with other materials such as wood and carpet.

A natural basis for both retail and the catering industry
Finally, there is a floor with a concrete look that is resistant to much traffic and is easy to maintain. Corestone has a minimal layer thickness and can be applied easily and quickly on an existing floor.

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