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While this expressive material by Japanese studio Nendo might at first look like wood, it is in fact made from layers of an artificial suede product called Alcantara. Alcantara, produced by an Italian manufacturer of ...

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Black Gold: Finding Material Potential in Oil Tankers

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Each year, a large number of oil tankers wear out and the questions becomes, what to do with the materials? Considered toxic waste, many of the disused ships end up in developing countries where workers ...

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Made with 20,000 sheets of bright red paper and without the use of glue, this bridge of paper is not only self-supporting but can in theory carry a weight of up to 4 tons. A ...

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Beautiful Wooden Bike Inspires Better Building

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This new prototype for a wooden bike by manufacturer AERO is not only beautiful, but it also demonstrates how thin wooden sheets can be used to build stronger buildings. Designed by architects Martino Hutz, Atanas Zhelev ...

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Studying Fish to Design New Materials

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A research team at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is using 3D printing techniques along with principles of biomimicry to design of new materials based on fish scales. The reason? Fish scales offer both strength ...

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Material Masterclass: OMA’s Fondazione Prada

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The new Fondazione Prada Art Gallery and complex in Milan has recently opened after being under development for the past seven years. The project includes a former industrial complex to which three additional new buildings – ...

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