Serpentine 2015: plastic fabric creates dramatic architectural effects

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The 15th Serpentine Pavilion in London will be a ‘chrysalis-like’ structure clad with colourful, transparent, fluorine-plastic fabric (ETFE). The very first images of the concept have just been released. Designed by Spanish architecture office SelgasCano, ...

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Urban Graffiti Reincarnated

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Inspired by urban graffiti, designers at Rebel Nell transform pieces of rubble graffiti into beautiful new materials and wearable jewellery. Their source materials are pieces of graffiti that have naturally crumbled and fallen from walls ...

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Bright blues from below

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Found living in kelp beds along the coasts of Norway, Iceland, the UK, Portugal and the Canary Islands, the blue-rayed limpet is distinguished by the vibrant blue parallel lines that run along its translucent shell. ...

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Modern Love: All Metal House Finds a New Home

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Once far ahead of its time thanks to a use of lightweight, sustainable materials, the Aluminaire House will soon find a new home for re-installation in California, thus offering architecture and material enthusiasts the chance ...

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Kaynemaile Creates ‘Really, really cool’ ceiling

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Kaynemaile from New Zealand supplies architects and interior designers around the world with their globally patented seamless mesh. One of their most recent projects is a ceiling installation in the MGM Grand Detroit Casino, USA, which ...

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Beautiful 3D Printed Hermit Crab Shells

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Hermit crabs don’t grow their own shells. As a result, they need to continually search throughout their lives for new and ever larger shells in order to house themselves. Inspired by nature and architecture, Japanese ...

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