Eat Me: Edible Mushroom Eats Plastic Trash

Published 14 hours ago by Allie | no responses

A new kind of edible mushroom that grows on plastic waste while digesting and eliminating plastic toxins from the environment could go some distance in alleviating two of today’s most pressing environmental problems: the millions ...

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Wonderful Reinvention of Abandonded Household Materials

Published 3 days ago by Allie | no responses

Each year, the approximately 135,000 deaths, 32,236 divorces, 10,000 bankruptcies and thousands of cases of hospitalisation that occur in the Netherlands alone leave many household items homeless. If heirs or dealers have no interest in ...

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Exotic Tile Emerges from the Everglades

Published 5 days ago by Allie | no responses

Exotic Tile from Nick Gelpi Studio is an innovative and seductive material design addressing a serious environmental problem. The tile is made by transfroming wood from a highly invasive tree species in Florida’s Everglades National ...

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Rainbow Station Makes for a Happy Commute

Published 6 days ago by Allie | no responses

If you are near Amsterdam’s Central Station moments after sunset this evening, you may happen to catch this brilliant rainbow. A project developed by Daan Roosegaarde and astronomers at the University of Leiden, the Rainbow ...

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The High-Altitude Handmade Hammock

Published 6 days ago by Allie | one response

This heart-stopping hammock was hand constructed in the Utah desert by a team of highliners and BASE jumpers. Suspended more than 100 meters over the valley floor, the concept for this high-altitude hammock came from ...

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Photon Space Offers Glasshouse Living

Published 1 week ago by Allie | 2 responses

The all-glass house has long been a desirable idea – not only for aesthetic reasons but also because natural daylight is scientifically proven to improve for our mood and well-being. But up until now, the feasibility ...

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