Building in Rock

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We know that as a material, concrete is able to authentically approximate the look and feel of natural stone with great success. ‘Antoine’ is a design by Bureau A that takes this a step further ...

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Breakthrough in Glass 3D Printing

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G3DP is a new additive manufacturing platform designed to 3D print optically transparent glass with incredible accuracy. Designed by a team at MIT called Mediated Matter, the creators of the printer believe it will allow ...

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“Fragile” by Royal College of Art graduate Mireia Gordi i Vila is a collapsible and reusable design for packaging that can fit objects of varying sizes with ease thanks to a flexible and resilient elastic membrane. ...

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Going With the Flow

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There is an abundance of freely available materials worldwide that end up in the landfill before their full potential is explored. ‘Going with With Flow’ is a series by Stefano Santilli that explores how found ...

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New sustainable brick is twice as strong as concrete!

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A new masonry building material developed by California-based startup Watershed Materials is twice as strong as concrete, offers a low carbon footprint and is based on the mineral geopolymers found in the world’s plentiful source ...

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Super Morphing Tire Design

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A new tire concept called Maxplo by Kumho could eliminate the need to change your tires seasonally as Maxplo is designed to alter its shape depending on the weather, intelligently morphing itself into different formations to ...

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