Review: Concrete Candies and Architect@Work Rotterdam

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Materia’s ‘Concrete Candies’ exhibition presented concrete from many new and dynamic perspectives to visitors at Rotterdam’s ARCHITECT@WORK event, held on September 18th and 19th, 2014. There were more than 4678 visitors and 280 exhibitors in this very ...

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Salt and Concrete House

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Made from concrete and locally harvested salt, the ‘3D Printed House 1.0’ by Emerging Objects is a case study design combining traditional methods of construction with material innovation and the latest in 3D printed manufacturing. ...

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Sugar Beet Plastic: A Sweet Alternative

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Sugar beets are full of many useful materials: their roots are packed with sugar and their fibrous pulp is widely used for animal feed. Less well known perhaps is that their residues can be converted ...

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Crystal Clear Solar Cells

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Crystal Clear Solar Cells, a transparent and colour-less material innovation by researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) has the potential to generate solar electricity wherever clear materials are required – be it your car window, ...

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Gravelli: Concrete Design

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Featured at Materia’s ‘Concrete Candies‘ exhibition was Gravelli, a young brand focused on concrete design. Their products put concrete in a new light, as a practical and aesthetic material for use in every day products ...

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SABER: The self-cooling material

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Air conditioning systems are often loud, ugly, expensive and not at all ecologically minded. Could this new material help buildings become net zero energy systems while maintaining the comfort of modern AC units? Researchers at ...

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