WinterHYDE: A Reversible Shelter for the Homeless

Published 48 mins ago by Allie | no responses

Thanks to a unique reversible skin that means it can be used in both the winter and summer, the winterHYDE tent offers a year round solution t the weather related deaths which are common amongst ...

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SEA ME Showcases The Potential of Designing With Seaweed

Published 16 hours ago by Allie | no responses

Dutch designer Nienke Hoogvliet has spent the past two years exploring the possibilities of creating seaweed based products made from cellulose extracted from kelp. The results of her studies include a soft yarn made from ...

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Studio ‘Party’ Streams Music Videos onto Flowers

Published 6 days ago by Allie | no responses

This limited-time, a very unique  24-hour live stream music video has been created for “Hana” (meaning ‘flowers’ in Japanese) by Tokyo-based rock band, androp. The video features white lilies as the canvas for projection mapping footage of ...

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Coffee Flour: Turning Waste Into A New Superfood

Published 6 days ago by Allie | no responses

The coffee industry produces substantial amounts of waste each year. One of these waste product is coffee cherry pulp, a byproduct of green coffee production. Seattle based company CoffeeFlour  however are converting this coffee byproduct into a ...

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Ingenious Travel Card Nails Let You Swipe In and Out

Published 1 week ago by Allie | one response

If you have ever been left looking for your travel card in the midst of your daily commute, London designer Lucie Davis has an ingenious solution. By embedding the chip inserted in the card into ...

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Renegade: A 3D Pen Fueled By Plastic Bags and Bottles

Published 1 week ago by Allie | no responses

One particular drawback of 3d printing is the price of the filaments (i.e. ink), which are made from small plastic pellets that can reach as high as $200-250 per kilogram. This cost comes despite the ...

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