Bamboo Skyscraper

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Bamboo grows within five years to a fiber stronger than any wood whatsoever. So why is it not used more often as a building material? CRG Architects used this question as a guideline for their ...

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Building in Rock

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We know that as a material, concrete is able to authentically approximate the look and feel of natural stone with great success. ‘Antoine’ is a design by Bureau A that takes this a step further ...

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Breakthrough in Glass 3D Printing

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G3DP is a new additive manufacturing platform designed to 3D print optically transparent glass with incredible accuracy. Designed by a team at MIT called Mediated Matter, the creators of the printer believe it will allow ...

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“Fragile” by Royal College of Art graduate Mireia Gordi i Vila is a collapsible and reusable design for packaging that can fit objects of varying sizes with ease thanks to a flexible and resilient elastic membrane. ...

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Going With the Flow

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There is an abundance of freely available materials worldwide that end up in the landfill before their full potential is explored. ‘Going with With Flow’ is a series by Stefano Santilli that explores how found ...

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New sustainable brick is twice as strong as concrete!

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A new masonry building material developed by California-based startup Watershed Materials is twice as strong as concrete, offers a low carbon footprint and is based on the mineral geopolymers found in the world’s plentiful source ...

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