Naked & Famous Reflective Denim

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Brandon Svarc and Montreal-based brand Naked & Famous have developed a reflective denim fabric that lights up darkly lit city streets. To make this material, millions of microscopic glass beads that reflect light were infused into ...

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Superhydrophobic in Seattle

Published 1 day ago by Allie | no responses

This water-charged advertisement combines two of the things Seattle is perhaps best known for: rain and music. Using stencils and a superhydrophobic, industrial strength waterproofing paint called NeverWet, advertising agency Publicis sprayed messages advertising Bumbleshoot ...

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Moving on with cardboard furniture

Published 5 days ago by Allie | no responses

Cardboard boxes are associated with moving. And so too is a lack of furniture when moving to a new place. Cardboard as furniture is a material trend that looks to connect the two. As a ...

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Make your own potato lightbulb

Published 7 days ago by Allie | 2 responses

By nature, potatoes are particularly good at creating energy and a simple trick can transform a simple potato into a battery that can light up a room. The only required materials are an anode such ...

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One Nights Stand Tent

Published 1 week ago by Allie | no responses

Music festivals are known for creating a lot of garbage – with cheap tents that get trashed and left behind being a large part of the problem. Due to the nature of many festivals (i.e. ...

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Coconut Car Parts

Published 1 week ago by Allie | no responses

From door handles to dashboards, oil-based plastics are the most commonly used materials for fit-out parts in automobiles. But over the past few years, researchers at Ford have been looking to replace conventional plastics with ...

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