The Pollution Free Brick

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The construction industry is notorious for the pollution the production of building materials makes. India’s brick industry alone utilizes over 100,000 kilns and produces 2 billion bricks, creating in the meantime a condition known as ...

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Invitation: Fruit Leather Rotterdam Kick-Off Event

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A multi-disciplinary collective of designers from the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam are looking for innovative solutions to one of Rotterdam’s biggest social issues – food waste. Each day, at outdoor markets in and ...

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Gecko Skin

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Australian researchers have discovered that gecko skin has extraordinary material properties and it could have a significant impact on industries ranging from industrial, to building to medical. The team, led by Dr. Greg Watson and ...

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Structural Skin

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Structural Skin is a self-produced material made out of leftovers from the leather industry. Leather is a beautiful material but also, unfortunately, generates considerable amounts of what is typically considered low quality waste. The reason for this ...

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Self-healing Airplanes

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Scientists believe new self-healing material for use in airplane construction could repair cracks in aircraft in a manner similar to the way human skin heals itself. Developed at Bristol University, the team of scientists are ...

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New Camouflage Skin Inspired by Squid

Published 2 weeks ago by Allie | no responses

A great example of biomimicry, scientists at the University of Bristol in the UK are developing a new type of smart material inspired the camouflaging capability of squid skin. The skin of a squid contains ...

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