Ommatidium: The Most Remarkable Street Lamp You’ll Ever See

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Made from a canopy of 1,500 glass crystal lenses (weighting a total of 600kg), the Ommatidium street lamp is a collaboration between industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson and the world-leading neuroscientist and perception specialist Beau Lotto. It was designed ...

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Print All Over Me

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Print All Over Me (PAOM for short) is an innovative online community allowing users to upload digital designs that are printed on the designer’s choice of apparel (or other item) and sold on the website. ...

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DIY: How to Make a Mosaic From a DVD

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Most of us have a good number of old DVDs, and CD’s lying around that we’ve probably thought of getting rid of. Happy Houligans have an interesting upcycling idea for these unwanted discs: making a ...

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The 24,0000 full colour pixel Galaxy Dress

Published 4 days ago by Allie | no responses

The largest wearable display in the world, the Galaxy Dress from CuteCircuit is embroidered with 24,000 full colour pixels. The dress incorporates the smallest full-colour pixels available, which have a thickness comparable to paper and ...

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Trendsetters: Light-Up Smart Uniforms for easyJet

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Smart clothing is an increasingly popular trend. Budget UK airline easyJet is joining the trend by unveiling for their 20th anniversary ‘smart’ uniforms containing a few hundred lighting elements powered by small USB rechargeable batteries. ...

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Wood Shavings Become Modern, Environmentally Friendly Acoustic Panels

Published 5 days ago by Allie | no responses

As a country covered in forests, it is not surprising that Sweden is a country known for innovative design with wood. Swedish brand Baux is an example. Working together with Träullit, a local family business, they create boards ...

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