SABER: The self-cooling material

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Air conditioning systems are often loud, ugly, expensive and not at all ecologically minded. Could this new material help buildings become net zero energy systems while maintaining the comfort of modern AC units? Researchers at ...

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Naked & Famous Reflective Denim

Published 5 days ago by Allie | no responses

Brandon Svarc and Montreal-based brand Naked & Famous have developed a reflective denim fabric that lights up darkly lit city streets. To make this material, millions of microscopic glass beads that reflect light were infused into ...

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Superhydrophobic in Seattle

Published 6 days ago by Allie | no responses

This water-charged advertisement combines two of the things Seattle is perhaps best known for: rain and music. Using stencils and a superhydrophobic, industrial strength waterproofing paint called NeverWet, advertising agency Publicis sprayed messages advertising Bumbleshoot ...

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Moving on with cardboard furniture

Published 1 week ago by Allie | no responses

Cardboard boxes are associated with moving. And so too is a lack of furniture when moving to a new place. Cardboard as furniture is a material trend that looks to connect the two. As a ...

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Make your own potato lightbulb

Published 2 weeks ago by Allie | no responses

Potatoes are, by nature, a great battery acid and a simple trick can transform a simple potato into a cost-effective cell that can light up a room. The only required materials are an anode such as zinc ...

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One Nights Stand Tent

Published 2 weeks ago by Allie | no responses

Music festivals are known for creating a lot of garbage – with cheap tents that get trashed and left behind being a large part of the problem. Due to the nature of many festivals (i.e. ...

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