Inca Inspired Quake Column

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When the Incas built Machu Picchu, they used a special building construction technique to ensure their buildings would not collapse from the frequent earthquakes in the region. Known as the ashlar construction technique, the Incas ...

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Afterglow: LED Lightsuits for Night Skiing

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LED-lit ski suits and cinematic brilliance bring a sublime new aesthetic to skiing in this amazing video for Sweetgrass Production’s latest ski movie ‘Afterglow.’ Shot entirely at night in the backcountry of Alaska and British ...

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SEEN is a collection of reflective materials and designs by Marlies Schets. Inspired by Swedish living and, in particular, their way of dealing with minimal hours of light during the winter, her creations include reflective ...

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Carbon-fiber epoxy honeycombs

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Balsa wood is well known for its lightweight properties as well as its stiffness in relation to its density. Inspired by these characteristics, scientists have created a new composite material with extreme lightweight and stiffness ...

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‘From Insects’ by Marlène Huissoud

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‘From Insects’ by Marlène Huissoud is a line of biologically inspired product designs including furniture, jewellery and vessels. Made with natural by-products from bees and silkworms, each item is a unique creation. From a family ...

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Biodegradable Skin Care Jar

Published 2 weeks ago by Allie | no responses

Anita Redd launched her eczema and skin care moisturizer with great success in 2011. But as sales climbed, her original 1 oz. packaging jars were suddenly discontinued. To solve the problem, and avoid having the ...

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