How do materials that stimulate your senses improve the built environment?

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Sight. Sound. Touch. Smell. Taste. Through better inclusion of all our five senses in design, can patients recover more quickly? Will office workers become more productive and creative? Will hurried shoppers feel more relaxed and ...

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Nanowire Fabric: Warmest Winter Material Yet?

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Developed by scientists at Stanford University, this super warm nanocloth material innovation could make winter temperatures seem pleasant thanks to a flexible coating of invisible ‘nanowires’ that reflects human body heat. To create nanocloth, cotton fabric ...

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Digital Origami by Gregory Epps – Material Xperience 2015

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Gregory Epps is an international speaker on the topic of digital fabrication and the emergence of robotics in architecture and design. He specialises in a unique form of robot folded digital origami that will be ...

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3D printed soft seating by Lilian van Daal at MaterialXperience 2015

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MaterialXperience 2015 offers the opportunity to see Lilian van Daal’s incredible 3D printed soft seating in person. In addition, van Daal will give at lecture at this event on February 9th (@15.00 hrs) about biomimicry, ...

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DUST MATTER(s) is a case study by Lucie Libotte that examines a common discarded matter – domestic dust – to innovate a new type of glaze for ceramics. Her works aims to share a new ...

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Style with Foamed Aluminium

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Foamed metal materials feature cellular structures made of solid metal – normally aluminium – along with a volume of gas-filled pores. The defining characteristic of these materials is a high porosity of around 75-95%, making ...

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