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Made from a Sugru-like material, Bendt is a malleable interior object designed by Mart Marcus. When heated, Bendt can be formed and re-formed limitless numbers of times. To use Bendt, place it on a flat ...

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Self-Assembling Wood? Weather Activated Clothes? MIT says yes

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Created by the MIT Self-Assembly Lab, programmable materials made from wood or carbon fibres could radically transform the way we interact with materials in our environment – from fabrics to construction materials. Textiles in clothing could ...

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The Beauty of Making 888,246 Ceramics By Hand

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Last week, we talked about the completion of ‘Blood Swept Land and Seas,’ the installation by Paul Cummins displaying 888,246 ceramic poppies made by hand in honour of fallen soldiers from the First World War. ...

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WallSmart: An Interactive Paint

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Not so handy with a paintbrush? In the future, you may be able to change the colour of the walls in your home with just your smart phone thanks to an invention called WallSmart, an ...

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Explore Arce’s 3D Tiles

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Agustina Arce of Arce’s 3D Tiles explores the beauty and limits of transparent resin as a material. This highly distinctive and inventive line of custom 3D tiles is a result of her material explorations. These tiles ...

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Ocean Plastic Becomes Fantastic

Published 2 weeks ago by Allie | one response

We love materials that help to clean up our oceans. Over the past year, we’ve looked at few earth-friendly innovations coming the sea including a skateboard made from marine trash and textiles fabricated from re-harvested ...

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