YOY’s Ethereal Hollow LACE Pillow

Published 2 days ago by Allie | no responses

Japanese design studio YOY has unveiled their latest work entitled ‘LACE.’ LACE is a hollow cushion made of lace that was created in partnership with Mitsui Chemicals, a leading chemical industry manufacturer. Although it looks ...

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Wave Cabinet Breaks the Box

Published 3 days ago by Allie | no responses

Artist Sebastian Errazuriz re-imagines the cabinet with this functional piece called Wave that opens up fluidly, like a fan. “Forget the we’re talking about furniture…see it as a way of breaking a box,” says Erruzuriz. ...

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Could You Wear the Same Clothes for 46 Days?

Published 4 days ago by Allie | no responses

Unbound Apparel, a Canadian based clothing company have developed a travel clothes they say will not smell……even when worn every day for over a month. Their line of garments is made with merino wool, an ...

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This Little Black Chip Can Disinfect Water in 20 Minutes

Published 5 days ago by Allie | no responses

Scientists at Stanford University have developed an incredible tiny and inexpensive chip that is able to efficiently grab solar energy and kill bacteria minutes after being dropped into water. Sunlight makes for an excellent disinfectant, ...

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Shoesme: The Two-Faced Office Building

Published 6 days ago by Allie | no responses

The new headquarters of Shoesme, a childrens shoe’s manufacturer in Tilburg, has been given two different faces. This conscious duality originated from its location in the city. On one side, the building has a classical ...

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Design Made In Germany: Büro Achter April

Published 1 week ago by Allie | no responses

This special digital ad for a Berlin Metro Station (at Friedrichstrasse) is based quite simply on a dot and a dash. It comes from Büro Achter April, an innovative design studio that experiments with interactive applications. ...

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