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About Materia
Materia encourages JOINT INNOVATION on the road to a smart, more sustainable and high-quality built environment. Materia brings you in touch with architects, interior designers and other creative professionals. As the leading network in the field of innovative materials, we continually connect you with tens of thousands of specifiers in the Netherlands and far beyond!

Materia: your strategic partner
For the past 16 years, Materia has been guiding its partners to achieve greater brand awareness, successful material and product introductions, market expansion and strong brand positioning. Through a clever mix of strategies we can help you, whatever your budget, to achieve your goals.

Find out what we have to offer: The worldwide material resource for creative professionals. More

Material Xperience: The leading event for (interior) architects and creative professionals. More

Material Xperience On Tour: Repeat your success in new markets. More

Materia Exhibition: Add that extra sparkle to your event. More

Consultancy: Always ahead of the competition. More




Materia>NL is the world’s leading website in the field of innovative materials for the built and designed environment. As a partner of Materia, you benefit directly from the worldwide reach of top companies and design professionals.

Materia makes it easy for you. We photograph your materials, translate your texts and create an outstanding presentation on our platform. Your materials will be freely accessible on our website and will be a part of our material database where your target audience searches for new materials.


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Your contact: Ricardo van Osselen (+31 20 71 30 613 /




Meeting people is a good foundation for doing business. But where can you meet the designers who will specify your materials the very next day?

Material Xperience is the leading event for (interior) architects and creative professionals focused on materials innovation. The concept is unique: you have the convenience of a complete package with high results at low cost.


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Your contact: Ricardo van Osselen (+31 20 71 30 613 /




You want to increase your sales and tap into new markets, but how do you effectively reach new customers? How do you repeat the successes of your material or product in new markets?

By participating in Material Xperience On Tour you will reach international target groups aimed at looking for (material) innovations. Material Xperience On Tour is based on the successful formula of Material Xperience, the leading event for (interior) architects and creative professionals.


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Your contact: Ricardo van Osselen (+31 20 71 30 613 /




Materia Exhibition
Materia curated material exhibitions have proved to be a highly effective way of enriching the experience of your event and attracting extra visitors.

The Materia exhibitions with their famous white cubes have enriched fairs and events from Paris to Shanghai. From a small exhibition display of just 50 materials to a completely orchestrated exhibition with 300 materials and inspiring lectures from top designers, researchers and architects.


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Your contact: Jeroen van Oostveen (+31 20 71 30 641 /




Materia Consultancy
Every company wants to be ahead of the competition. But how to maintain the lead? Or how to access new markets and keep up with the latest developments in your industry?

With more then 16 years’ experience, the Materia specialists and the experts in our network can help you with these challenges. With our expertise and access to the search behaviour of your target group on our website, we are able to….


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Your contact: Els Zijlstra (+31 20 71 30 651 /