Monitor your health with a colour-changing tattoo

Published 2 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons, such a s remembering a person or event, or just for aesthetic reasons. And thanks to researchers of MIT and Harvard, another reason can be added to ...

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The world’s first sneakers made from stone

Published 3 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

Shoes made from stone may sound uncomfortable and something the Flintstones might wear. However, thanks to innovative technology, it is possible to transform ordinary stone into a flexible and paper-thin material. German companies Roxxlyn and ...

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Robots with origami-inspired muscles can lift 1000 times their weight

Published 4 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

In robotics, increased flexibility and dexterity often means reduced strength, as softer materials are generally not as strong as rigid ones. However, researchers at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University and MIT’s Computer Science and ...

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Enjoy your coffee from a cup made from coffee husks!

Published 5 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

Did you know that coffee production annually produces over a billon tonnes of waste in organic material? And we’re not even talking about coffee grounds! The husks that protect the beans you know and love ...

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Sustainable PEF 3D printing material is made with cellulose

Published 6 days ago by Sigrid | 2 responses

3D printing is becoming increasingly popular, as it is a relatively fast method to produce objects with little waste material. The most commonly used filaments are PLA, ABS, and PETG, of which only PLA is ...

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An ultra-thin, sinuous concrete roof made with new design and fabrication methods

Published 1 week ago by Sigrid | no responses

Concrete is the most used building material, but it has its drawbacks. For one, it is quite heavy (unless you’re talking about ultra lightweight concrete) and needs to have a certain thickness to be strong. ...

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