Biopolymer 3D printed Trabeculae Pavilion based on bone structure

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Pretty much anything imaginable can be 3D printed, from shoe soles to nodes and even food. In architecture, additive manufacturing hasn’t gone unnoticed either, as whole houses are printed with concrete. Bioplastics are used as ...

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Thermoelectric material made from non-toxic chemical elements

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Thermoelectric materials generate electricity in a difference in temperature. In a world where there is always a power shortage, using heat that normally would go to waste sounds like a good idea, which is why ...

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The 8 Winners of the Textile Structures for New Building competition at Techtextil

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Whether textile reinforced concrete, fabric for lightweight structures or functional textiles, there are many fibre-based materials for the ‘Buildtech’ sector. At Techtextil (9-12 May 2017), the international trade fair for technical textiles and non-wovens, awards ...

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PHA bioplastic made from sewage sludge

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Polyhydroxyalkanoates or PHAs are high quality bioplastics produced by bacteria. These bacteria produce the material when there is an abundance of food, to eat it when food is scarce. A collaboration between several Dutch water ...

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8 projects that won the Techtextil Innovation Awards

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Materia is always looking for the newest and most innovative materials. Last month, for example, we were at the Milan Design Week to this end. From 9 to 12 May, Techtextil in Frankfurt am Main was ...

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Lina: the world’s first biocomposite car made from flax

Published 1 week ago by Sigrid | no responses

When you think about cars, the first word to come to mind is probably not sustainability. While more and more cars are becoming electric, they are still made from metal and plastic. Now, students from ...

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