Black Editions from Design label Vij5 coloured with natural paint

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Vij5 is a Dutch design label with a collection of interior products, characterised by their minimalist aesthetic and functionality. A well-known example of their products is the TwoTowel (a tea towel and towel in one), ...

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Opening second location Broeinest in Rotterdam

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Broeinest, the material library and meeting location for (interior) architects and designers, opens its second location today in Rotterdam (NL). Like in the first location in Eindhoven, there will be a changing Materia exhibition present, ...

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Connect: a chair 3D printed by hand

Published 5 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

Drawing a chair might sound easy enough, as long as it’s on paper, but have you ever considered drawing one in 3D? Designer Jungsub Shim did just that, using a 3D printing pen called 3Doodler ...

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Cleaning the air with a soy protein air filter

Published 6 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

Air pollution is getting worse, especially in large cities. While one can turn this pollution in tools for art, as this company does, using air purifiers is another effective method to clean the air. Air ...

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Air-Ink: writing with pollution

Published 7 days ago by Sigrid | no responses

Throughout history, soot has been an important ingredient in ink, to make it black. Following this tradition, the company Graviky has developed an ink made from air pollution, in which soot is a main ingredient. ...

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Cooling your house using zero energy and water

Published 1 week ago by Sigrid | no responses

In warm places around the world, it is difficult to keep your house at a cool land pleasant temperature. Air conditioners are an option, but they use a lot of energy to work. A team ...

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