Transparent nanofibre air filter cleans air and offers UV protection

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The air quality inside houses often leaves much to be desired, especially if the outside air is polluted as well. In an attempt to combat air pollution inside houses, researchers at the National University of ...

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Fabricwood pavilion made from bent and folded plywood

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Plywood is a type of engineered wood with many advantages. It is strong, yet very light and, depending on the amount of plies, bendable. Design studio PRODUCE Workshop created a pavilion from plywood that is ...

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Creative Heroes Awards: Celebrating creative minds

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This year, the Dutch Creative Heroes Awards will be handed out for the first time. These awards, which celebrate the power of creativity and put the human factor in the limelight, differ from most awards ...

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Textile architecture creates Hybrid Tower

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We all know rigid building materials such as concrete and bricks. But what would happen if a structure was built with soft materials? Various architects (CITA), structural and textile engineers, material testing specialists and a knitting ...

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The Breath cleans the air using no electricity thanks to nanomolecules

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The air quality in most parts of the world is in rapid decline, so much so even, that in some areas, it is not safe to breathe without a mask. Dirty air contributes to millions ...

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Symbio Bridge made with fibreglass reinforced plastic and steel

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In order to make the area of Midden-Delfland (NL) more accessible, a design competition was held in 2014 among students from the Technical University Delft to design a foot and cycle bridge. The winning design, ...

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