Bicicletto: soon to be 3D printed e-bike

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Bicicletto is an already existing e-bike by the Italian company Nuova Società Piemontese Automobil, but now the company will collaborate with Belgium-based Materialise, a global leader in additive manufacturing software and solutions, to create a ...

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Cruising on the Seine on workout-powered Paris Navigating Gym

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Have you ever considered human energy as a form of renewable green energy? If you are now picturing a human running in a giant hamster wheel, you’re not far off. International design and innovation office ...

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Baha’i temple made from translucent materials

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Thirteen years after the launch of a global design contest for the design of a new Baha’i temple, winner Siamak Hariri and the firm in which he is a partner, Hariri Pontarini Architects, revealed their ...

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Olivewood pavilion Mass Imperfections

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When objects are made by hand, no two things are exactly the same. The project Mass Imperfections by Local Industries and SCALES (research department of AAU ANASTAS) embraces this concept of human imperfections. They made ...

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Protein: Turning milk into bioplastic

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Skimmed milk is routinely wasted in large quantities at raw dairy farms in the UK due to the separation process required to make butter and cream. For her project Protein, designer Tessa Silva decided to ...

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Archi-Union Architects uses robots to construct brick façade

Published 1 week ago by Sigrid | no responses

More and more things in life are automatically made, so why not use robots to construct buildings as well? The Chinese studio Archi-Union Architects did just that, designing a ‘bulging’ façade that would be nearly ...

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