Materia Café: Fake it till you make it

Materia and Broeinest Eindhoven (NL), the flexible meeting place for thinkers and makers, are pleased to present Materia Café: Fake It Till You Make It. Learn more about materials that look like a different material, and their use in design with this informative and inspirational event with lectures. Beforehand there is a free advice centre to discuss any of your material questions. Let us know if you have a question!

16:00   Reception for those attending the lectures
16:05   Introduction by Materia
16:10   Lecture by guest speaker Bart Bleijerveld of Better Future Factory
16:50   Materia Lecture (Els Zijlstra)
17:30   Drinks and Broeinest Tour

Bart Bleijerveld
After years of research and development, Better Future Factory found a unique way of recycling local waste streams into high quality tiles that look like marble. Currently, they have set up two projects in Angola and Sierra Leone and scaling this technique up in Europe to create new building materials.

Els Zijlstra
This lecture is all about materials that pretend to be what they are not.  Definitions of the term ‘fake’ prove that the word does not have the best reputation: deception, delusion, deceiving, made-up, fraud, sham, false, not genuine. But it is more interesting to look at the modern development of ‘fusion’: a mix of desires in a material. A ceramic tile can be combined with underfloor heating, while a wood print gives a ‘warm’ look. A lightweight, fire retardant honeycomb can be combined with a natural stone veneer for a luxurious look. HPL, which is easy to clean, can be perforated to increase the acoustic performances. The modern material is makeable, a mix that is tailor-made according to a specific recipe. This fusion is much better accepted and embraced.

And while you are at Broeinest, be sure to take in Materia’s exhibition Fake It Till You Make It at Broeinest Eindhoven (1 April – 1 July) which features more than 100 of today’s most innovative and exciting ‘fake’ materials!

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