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I-MESH is the result of an experience based on the theoretical study and on the experience acquired on composite materials – stiff and flexible – mainly in the nautical and aerospace environment. It is sustainable, recyclable, noise-absorbing, insulating, non-combustible, and it guarantees energy saving. The yarns of I-MESH filter, balance and diffuse light; they generate, draw and recreate places and functions.

I-MESH is made in the following colours: Black, White, Copper, Gold, Basalt. Due to its reaction to light, it is not possible to associate the colour of the materials with a single RAL reference. However, to provide a guidance, I-MESH can indicate the reference RAL related to two conditions: if radiated by the sunlight or not.

I-MESH can be produced in small size panels or in to very large panels, up to 5 x 15 meters or 5 x 12.5 meters depending on the finish. Its natural yarn colours are white, black, grey, gold, copper for both indoor and outdoor use; but yarns can also be dyed, to offer a potentially infinite pantone for indoor applications. Its softness is a variable, depending on the material, on the yarn dimension and on the total thickness of the fabric. The names of the materials explain its technological soul – carbon fiber, fiberglass, zylon, technora and basalt. It is 6/7 times stronger than metal, has excellent fire retardancy property, and is PVC free.

Depending on the resin system I-MESH utilises the product complies with various fire resistance standards.
Basic finish: ITA Class 2 (UNI9174:1987+A1;UNI9176:1998)

Finish S1: ITA Class 1 (UNI9174:1987+A1;UNI9176:1998) – EU B-s1-d0 (EN ISO 11925-2:2010) – Class A (ASTM_E84_16-068A) – FSR: 10 – SDC: 35 (CAN_ULC_S102_16-068B)

Upon request, I-MESH can perform new tests to comply to your local standard.


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