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LEXAN film


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LEXAN films are made of a Polycarbonate material. The portfolio of films includes a number of configurations, including coatings for anti-glare or anti-fog, uncoated for clarity, textured, display films for enhancing light transmission, flame retardant films for electronics applications, and security card films.

1. Uncoated graphic films
These materials are characterized by outstanding optical clarity and mechanical strength, consistent printability and ease of processing. Available in a wide choice of standard and high performance grades, these products offer a variety of surface finishes and textures. The polished grades offer 86% to 92% light transmission across all gauges, with true color reproduction (eg. LED/LCD display windows). The one sided or two sided textured grades offers broad design flexibility with dimensional stability and ductility (eg. Consumer electronics).

2. Coated films
Coated films offer solutions for scratch resistance, weather ability, anti-glare and anti-fog applications. These films are resistant to abusive cleaners, chemicals and UV, provide clarity of graphics and light diffusion as well as ease of printing and die cutting. They have improved hardness versus uncoated films (eg. Anti-fog lenses for eyewear).

3. Display films
Display films provide light diffusion and/or collimation while maximizing light transmission and LED hiding power. There is 15% lower material density versus PET and a monolithic gauge to 500 um (eg. Handheld devices such as smartphones).

4. Electrical films
The electrical films consist of general flame retardant (FR) films and eco flame retardant (eco FR) films. The FR films are clear or opaque polycarbonate materials, which offer consistent properties for insulation and printability. These include puncture resistance, low moisture absorption, high thermal performance and excellent dielectric strength (eg. EMI shielding). The eco FR films offer non-brominated, non-chlorinated, flame retardant performance at various gauges. They meet RoHs and WEEE 2006 directives. The eco FR films also have increased chemical, hydrolytic and heat resistance where needed.

5. Security & ID-card films
The portfolio includes a lasermarkable grade, a bright white (opaque) grade, a clear grade for the cover or intermediate layers, co-extruded film and flexible hard-coated film.

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