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Coprox Europe B.V. in Westerhoven, and FraLagri Handelsonderneming in Wormerveer, are responsible for the branding and distribution of the Coprox product-line in Holland, and the rest of Europe.

Our first concern is to get it well known to the world of “plasterers“ and architects in Holland, despite the fact that Coprox has already passed it’s 60th birthday.

This is not really a new product for that matter, we just had not heard from it in Europe until now, but advantage is that any hickups of some kind have already been solved in these past 60 years.

What we have introduced now for the European market at first, is Coprox Dualcoat. An easy and effective cement based waterproofing, or decorative wall and/or floorcoating, suitable for commercial and domestic applications.

It is ideal for the waterproofing of water bearing positive side surfaces, such as bathrooms, showers and kitchens, but also for use outdoors.

Coprox waterproofing Dualcoat provides waterproof and an aesthetically attractive decorative finish, all in 1 step. It eliminates the need for plaster, paint or tiles, providing an attractive and unique naturally aged, mottled and rustic finish, which becomes even more pronounced over time.

Best thing is that it is available in a wide range of striking colours. It can be brush applied, as an elegant textured finish to a variety of surfaces, or can be trowelled to a classic glass smooth skim coat finish onto walls, floors and also over clay tiles.