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Fetim Professional is part of the Fetim Group. Fetim is an international trading corporation which specializes in sourcing, purchasing, marketing, logistics and sales of products for professional customers and DIY chains in Europe.

Fetim Professional offers a distinct range of construction and home improvement products to the customers. Fetim Professional specializes in the area of board and panel materials, flooring, timber and interior products. We focus with this range on interior and exterior applications in the construction industry, the home and interior sector and on selected industrial markets.

Fetim offers products and concepts which are innovative and address the changing trends in the market.  We have a leading role in the top segment of the European parquet market. In the Netherlands Fetim Professional is the specialist in high-quality panel material for exterior applications and low-maintenance wall siding.

Product groups of Fetim Professional  include:

  • Construction products for indoor and outdoor use, such as wall siding and specialty board products.
  • Parquet and wooden flooring

Wall siding

Fetim Professional offers a complete range of wall siding, the modern alternative for bricks.

The sidings are durable, need low maintenance, save costs and are easy to install. For all kind of applications, such as outer walls, dormer windows, fascia boards etc.

Fetim offers following siding materials:

  • ModiWood – The better modified wood, durable and sustainable
  • SmartSide – Durable engineered wood panels in every colour
  • Ki-Kern – The synthetic boarding for construction and industry
  • Profort – The professional fascia cladding system.
  • Protex – the new standard in siding: beautiful, durable and easy

Parquet floors

Fetim Professional has a wide range of floors and floor related products. These floors are supplied to the professional floor trade, such as parquet specialists, interior designers and distributors.

The range is subdivided into the following product groups:

  • Solidfloor® “the professionals choice”: Solidfloor is the brand for high-quality timber floors
  • Cleanfloor: A wide range of laminate in a variety of qualities and finishes
  • Underfelts
  • Maintenance products
  • Cover profiles and plinths

Quality, planet and people

Fetim Professional creates solutions by supplying sustainable and affordable building products and home decoration products. By implementing sustainability throughout the whole Company, we create a proper balance between ourselves, our business and the environment. Corporate responsibility leads to a better world and a financially healthy company, now and in the future.


We provide existing and potential customers the best possible service, innovation and products. “Building the best” is our mission. We know that the quality of our products and our mode of operation is the key to success, and leads to sustainable and profitable relationships. We work on continuous improvement of the products and our mode of operation. We carry out product performance tests, product safety tests and we test environmental requirements when needed. We are certified by TÜV and comply with the NEN-EN-ISO 9001 standard.